• To install kaleo:

    pip install kaleo
  • Add kaleo to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

        # other apps
  • See the list of Settings to modify kaleo’s default behavior and make adjustments for your website.

  • Lastly you will want to add kaleo.urls to your urls definition:

    url(r"^invites/", include("kaleo.urls")),



This is used to enable the markup based ajax. You can certain wire up your own AJAX handling if you prefer to use something else. However, including this script will just have things work out of the box.


This is semi-optional as the only reason it is required is the included _invite_form.html renders the form through the as_bootstrap filter. If you override this template in your project, you obviously remove this requirement at least in context of this app.


Used for linking people to invitations when they confirm email addresses and sending and processing of signup codes via email.