• Django 1.5 custom user model support
  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBILITY: removed the import of kaleo.receivers from
  • added a joined_independently signal
  • refactored logic that existed in signal receivers to model methods
  • fixed bug in add invites functionality that would set everyone to have unlimited invites
  • fixed bug in top off invites functionality that removed unlimited invites from those who had it

Backward Inccompatibilities

Importing things into or that have nothing to do with either of those modules has been a bit of a hack for awhile. Pinax is moving to a more explicit approach where these things are hooked up at the project level. In fact, Pinax starter projects will support getting hooked up at runtime automatically through the use of a modeule that has code that gets executed in the and

See how it all works in this commit:


  • added a set of views to handle managing invites via ajax


  • translated templates
  • replaced remaining_invites template tag with invites_remaining inclusion template tag
  • invite view is now bootstrap-ajax compatible


  • moved away from Pinax dependencies and to require django-user-accounts
  • moved to Django 1.4


  • fixed documentation bugs
  • added for stat collection


  • added ability to set default invite allocation for new users
  • added ability to enable users to have unlimited invitations


  • initial release